Leonel Chacon Anchondo

Industrial Engineer, Instituto Tecnologico Cd, Juarez

Cd. Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, México , calle Tepeyac # 4030, 31520

April 2019


Concept defined as Anthropoecology; is a construct, which is based on a set of theoretical arguments, based on daily events of human being that undermine sustainable development and healthy coexistence.

Key words: dynamic equilibrium, sustainable development, healthy coexistence, education, concentration, contamination, greed, aggressiveness, drugs, mental fixations, mental illness.

ANTHROPOECOLOGY; the goal is to humanize this so dehumanized world,

As far as I have seen, countries

of Eastern Europe are the ones;

Recently, have been talking

about this issue


We have dared to investigate and discuss everything, except our own


evil has been same throughout millennia of human being.

The question is: Why has not anything been done to control it, reduce it or

eliminate it?

Evil as such does not exist, what exists is mental illness.


[ETC Group and the Heinrich Böll


This issue concerns everyone on earth. It is very extensive and requires everyone to analyze and propose solutions and it will only be anthropoecologically correct if its final objective is healthy coexistence.

Initial observations on this topic were in Mexico, but extrapolating, Mexico is no exception. Since problems of world are similar.

context of ANTHROPOECOLOGY is so extensive that it involves each and every one of human activities and what a few do, affects all others.

Aspects such as: climate change, drug addiction and social decomposition, etc.

they are the effect and not the cause; The big question is:


Next, an example of a possible solution applied in the effect and not in the cause. e.g. Geoengineering «to recapture CO2 from the atmosphere and bury it in the soil or ocean, or that inject sulphates into the stratosphere could lower the

temperature.» «And since we know very little about the functioning of the planetary ecosystem as a whole and all its subsystems, there are huge possibilities that instead of improving the climate, it will make it worse.»

Foundation in May 2017].

Maybe we do not talk about real causes because it bothers our comfort niche and this is the main problem; we think that our behavior at individual level is «normal and correct».

If problems of human being worsen day by day, as a corollary we can say that our «normal» behavior is not correct. So our wrong behavior can be due to paradigms of interest or that we suffer some fixations or mental illnesses.

This writing is not against the worker, it goes against the lazy and irresponsible. It is not against the employer, it goes against the evil, greed and voracity in business. It is not about the millionaire not being a millionaire; but, with its millions, stop corrupting political system and try to buy social and religious indulgences. It is not about eliminating small merchant; it is about not being dishonest in your daily transactions. It does not go against all human beings; it goes against those dishonest in its daily act.



What happens are not circumstantial errors; but, harmful actions executed with full knowledge for their own benefit, regardless of the damage caused to others.

If to maintain that niche of comfort it is necessary to assassinate, rob, extort, bribe, blackmail, enslave, etc. Well, it’s just done. Call it greed or mental illness; however, many desire such power.

What powerful does not see is that his greed breaks the limits of the resilience

of the oppressed and begins a new cycle, after destruction.


By CONSCIOUSNESS we know when we are not doing the right thing.

To achieve a real change in our global problems, we must leave the niche of comfort, whether individual, organizational or institutional. Although it seems that very few are willing to do so.


Mental fixations are paradigms that govern the behavior of any living being.

These occur in wild animals, domestic animals and humans.

Wild animals fed in captivity, are not able to survive in their natural habitat. Human being is not the exception, once he acquires fixations it is almost

impossible to take them off. The problem is when these fixations are harmful to coexistence; once fixation is established, it becomes a conditioned reflex.

This planet is an earthly paradise by nature, but a hell for attitude of «homo




Oxford scientists analyze the most probable global threats and catastrophes:

Each year the University of Oxford analyzes the most worrisome threats. Among the short-term risks: pandemics, whether natural or caused by some genetic blunder, we are not well prepared for a pandemic.

Another risk would be a nuclear war. We have not overcome that threat yet.


[Science. Washington, Jan 8 (EFE)].

[Javier Peláez May 05,


In the long term and natural: the «inevitable» climate change, the impact of an asteroid or the eruption of super volcanoes, in the future, a progressive advance of artificial intelligence that ends up turning against us. Total dependence on technology and machines could give us a fright in the future maybe not so far.

2016], [/]



«The evidence that the Earth has entered a new geological era due to the impact of human activity are already» overwhelming, «according to a new study by an international team of scientists led by the University of Leicester (England).

«The entry into this new geological era, baptized Anthropocene, could have occurred in the middle of the last century and was marked by the massive consumption of materials such as aluminum, concrete, plastics and the consequences of nuclear tests throughout the planet».


Anthropocene, this phenomenon began in 1500 A.D. when European countries stabilized politically and went out to invade the rest of the world, through crime and plundering their high value goods, depredating flora and fauna, contaminating flora, fauna and new diseases. and today it continues to do so through industry and commerce.

It will be worth asking; Why did they go to prey on other people’s territories? Industrial revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes since

1760 A.D. moving from manual production methods to machines.

It erupted in 1950 A.D. with development of transistor and explosion around 1979 A.D. with development of microprocessor.

Throughout history, greedy one, seem that only sees his own interest and not needs of others, without seeing trail of destruction he leaves behind; so as a corollary, it can be said that these mental fixations have become mental illnesses.




ANTHROPOECOLOGY. It is the dynamic balance in animal, intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, moral, ethical, economic and political aspects of

human being in conjunction with the environment in which he lives.

Any harmful action of human being against human being, will be a consequence of a mental illness.


The eternal peace conflict. The capacity of human being to make peace is very small, a human being can only make his own peace.

The potential of human being to break peace, is such that only one can make war to the rest of living beings.

Capacities and Limitations of Human Being. it seems that human being has not understood that his physical capacity in infinitely small compared with his intellectual capacity, in such a way that he acts only according to his intellectual capacity. As if his power were infinite.

struggle of human being to conquer nature, this will always be superimposed to balance the events, changes or excesses caused by it without even mind its extinction.

Because of his intellectual capacity, the error of human being is to overcome other species and temporarily to his own species; He is also BELIEVED capable of overcoming his own nature.

For nature, existence of virus is as worthy as human being.

«Nature is dominated by obeying it.» [Francis Bacon]


FORMATIVE EDUCATION: formative education in childhood is what will set the tone in the behavior and development of human beings in all aspects.

Formative education does not require words to be acquired, just the example

is enough to validate that what is done is true and acceptable.



Positive education of child is responsibility of parents and not of teachers; as well as correct negative formative education.

There are a large number of internal and external indicators of the direction in which children are being trained and educated. HAS SOMEONE DEFINED THEM? critical stage in formation of human being; according to some psychologists, is

from zero to six years, from then on it is only to guide it, but it is also important:

Are future parents taught this important topic?

Has the way in which we are educating the infant and child has been evaluated or at least questioned?

Has content of television programming been observed and evaluated for 24 hours?

e.g. The arrogance that most of the protagonists reflect in films and competition events and fantasy shown in cartoons, forging illusions in children since many things happen from nowhere or «miraculously».

If the mother is not the integrator of home; Then, who will do it?

Educate male children without feeling of machismo and make them understand that their greater physical strength is not a factor of superiority. Woman has great influence in this task.

It is perhaps here where woman must truly protest with an open cry and achieve this goal.

While natural sciences, civics and urbanity are not an integral part of formative-instructive education, sustainable development will hardly be achieved. Virtual education is not formative-positive.

A soldier, sailor or pilot is trained and as a result of that training, a behavioral change originates; only that in this case the change is to kill his fellows and when he does it instead of feeling remorse he must feel satisfaction of triumph. THAT IS AN INDUCED MENTAL ILLNESS.



Academic level or high economic level, are not synonymous of correct

formative education.


It is more important that children are left on the world, than the world that we leave to children.

INSTRUCTIVE EDUCATION: Instructive education systems are making people economically active but not sustainably productive. Instructive education as well as formative education can be positive or negative.

Instructive education is dedicated to science and technology concepts in a hurry to create entities that will generate wealth in productive field.

How can sustainable design and construction be achieved if instructional

education lacks such concepts?

Practical instruction education; It’s better a good craftsman than a bad

bachelor degree.

A country that does not have technicians, lacks support for further development.

To current youth, we educate them by recommending use of condoms,

INSTRUCTIVE EDUCATION; instead of teaching them to be responsible,



By nature, human being individually desires, seeks and demands freedom, but when it is abused it must face consequences.

True liberation of women will occur when; avoid being manipulated by pornography, prostitution of her sex and her body. It is here where woman must free herself and maintain her dignity.

Woman revealed herself to achieve her freedom that seems to have turned into debauchery; then woman becomes empowered and it seems that she became emboldened.




WOMAN DEMANDS DIGNITY; but, why is it a victim of vanity of beauty by commercial advertisements? about plastic surgeries, “miracles» of stem cells, vegetable

placenta and wonderful creams for makeup and skin care.

WOMAN DEMANDS DIGNITY; but, half-naked photography in social networks, half-naked shows in vast majority of all kinds of shows and is the main focus on voluntary pornography.

Being restrained without repressing or hiding her sexuality is a factor of emotional control.

Free herself from sexual taboos without even thinking about sexual debauchery. The liberation of women is not equal with man and compete against him in all fields; each one by nature has its functions to perform accompanied by qualities

necessary to do so.


The child or adolescent is caught in drugs, largely because the image of his parents is not present in his mind when drugs tempt him. Positive image that child has of his parents is a factor that gives him security and he knows that it is due to them; However, when this image is not clear or in the worst case it is negative, then the child or adolescent is susceptible to falling into drugs or alcoholism.


It is easier to blame others for my problems! the powerful, fault the weak one of his problem of drug addiction, when as a general rule and common sense the first accomplice of the drug trafficker is the consumer itself.


It is estimated that there are currently some 4200 religions in the world and that

number of extinct religions is incalculable.

Under this cluster of beliefs: What is the true and most valid religion?



Definition of religion. — there will be as many definitions as there are existing religions.

In some epochs; they have been preserves of power, forgetting their original precepts. This is because their leaders have been tempted by greed and absolute power, being the first organizations to think about globalization.

It seems that, with so much division, sects are an economic opportunism.

Which of the current religions offers a balanced combination of divine and mystery of creation with natural environment in which one lives?

Utopias of religions and their believers:

sports competition both opponents pray to the same god.

Punishment of dishonesty and criminality of human being is being left to God; who supposed be paid after death. This aspect is intangible and little or nothing has served to raise awareness.

There is no doubt that a large number of human beings live their religion and faith fully and by virtue of this, the world maintains a balance, even if it is fragile.


Sources of pollution and waste. The main sources; but not the cause, are high population in the cities, the home, agriculture, industry and technological progress.

I believe that the true cause is avarice of human being.

The price that has to be paid for contamination is left to the following generations.


All empires know that having control of agricultural production are in control of all other aspects of their subjugated.

Most effective way to subjugate another human being is through hunger. And most effective way to maintain control is to give him the fish and not teach him how to fish.

Having turned agriculture into a business and not as a philosophy of life, has been a great error of human being, as a species.



Concentration of agricultural production in a few hands is as much or more

dangerous than scientific class with nuclear power.

For a country to be truly autonomous, its system must be autarchic.

Education of agriculture; except honorable exceptions only in a few schools, children are taught how a seed germinates, how it develops and bears fruit, creating love for nature.

For children of cities, cereals are in the supermarket and apparently that is all they need to know.

People of cities reject natural smells of food and prefer foods with artificial flavors.

To achieve a sustainable agricultural system, it is necessary that it be carried out by small producers and cooperatives managed with honesty. And not with machines; such as, the Dutch kemper silator able to cut 20 furrows or the tree harvester in seconds. etc. [], [] .

NATURAL, HUMAN AND TECHNOLOGICAL LAWS Natural laws are above those of human being.

Compliance with laws, rules and natural rules are a fundamental principle for coexistence.

If human being had acted anthropoecologically from beginning of time, today would have thousands of years of scientific and technological progress in this earthly paradise.

Is technological advance giving us a better standard of living for all or just a few?

As long as technology gives us power, human being will perish.

While wisdom gives us power, human being will prevail.

When laws established by human being are very far from conditions of nature’s

laws; then by initial and artificial condition equilibrium will never be achieved.



The «laws» are established to maintain order and respect among human beings, and were issued to «punish» a crime; but, since there are many crimes, there is a law for each crime; therefore, there are infinity of laws.

The problem is not lack of laws; but, dishonesty and avarice of human beings.

If we all really wanted order and respect among human beings, we would simply educate ourselves for it.

From lack of order and respect born stupid laws, which can also be easily manipulated to blackmail common citizen.

e.g. «Dogs should not bark at night»; Then, a collar is placed that prevents them from barking. Common sense is being lost.

No species will ever dominate its own species.

«For evil to triumph, it is only necessary that good ones do nothing». [Edmund Burke].

«Most atrocious of bad things of bad people is silence of good people.» [Gandhi]. Respectfully, these statements are not entirely fair; since evil is provoked by mentally ill and when good ones do something in a peaceful way, they end up being killed (Gandhi knew it very well) and when extreme is reached, revolutions or wars



In some tribes of the Amazon river: «Individualism is considered a form of dementia, like being possessed by a demon». [Isabel Allende].

It will be healthy for human being to determine which paradigms of behavior correspond to a healthy mind and which to a sick mind.


Races, ethnic groups and tribes. If there is a theory that human beings come from the woman of Africa, then races do not exist, but that differences have only been adaptations according to geographical situation in which they were established, therefore, WE ARE EQUAL.



If by profession of faith it were accepted that we come from a single couple created by God, then there would be another reason to say that races do not exist.

Therefore, there are only mentally ill, who believe themselves superior to others. Languages and dialects. We have abused The gift of word, it is necessary to shut

up and get to work.

«When what is said arises from what one experiences, words contain more than what they say; but when speaking is the substance rather than the vehicle, it soon becomes something empty. » [Michael Drury].

We have learned to lie and manipulate through language.

Are the mass media fulfilling their social responsibility or are they contaminating society?

Where is the real academy of the language of each country?


Mating or marriage. Mating defined as marriage for human being, is wrapped in a number of fantasies both social and spiritual; so it has lost the basis of his natural sustenance and what it implies.

Are new husbands educated, about what marriage implies?


ACTIVE AND NOT ACTIVE Reclassifying is as follows:

  • Economically active population positive, negative, superfluous.
  • Economically productive population positive, negative, superfluous.
  • Economically not active or productive population.

Within each areas of activity of human being:

Which activities are indispensable, which are necessary and which are superfluous?

A comedian said: «You can live without a comedian; a plumber is more necessary than a comedian. » [Jack Mason].



Activities can be classified according to their degree of harmfulness: Drug consumption, Drug trafficking, Crime, Pornography, Weapons production, Drunken beverages, Shows, Sports, Production of beauty articles, Etc. In these activities a large amount of money is handled.

Money alone does not contribute anything to economy or wealth, much less

to SUSTAINABILITY of human being.


e.g. In a tender, businessman arrives with bribe offer ahead, putting himself at mercy of public official and he deftly deceives all participants by telling them that he will make the best effort so that he wins and so whoever wins will have the commitment of bribe.

Remember that politicians are relieved or can be fired and not

entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is these that can largely stop such corruption, demanding from politician’s fulfillment of their responsibilities.

What motivates shareholders of some corporations to install hundreds or thousands of branches?

Could it be that their greed and voracity have no limits?

How rich do they want to be?

At what point did money become a goal of life?

That attitude beats a lot of small family businesses.

As a corollary: it could say that no corporation is socially responsible.

New methods and artificial work environments, concentration in big cities, has done human being, physically and mentally, move further away from nature.

We were made to live in and from nature, the more artificially we live, the more we mentally deranged ourselves.




Competition is an artificial environment, it is perhaps the most inhuman that goes unnoticed as an environment; but rather, being competitive is mistakenly considered a virtue.

Cusp of most destructive competences is war.

Wealth has not been eternal, this has changed hands from time to time as a result of wars, being itself the cause of wars.

e.g. Mexican bourgeoisie only «enjoyed» 30 years, a period in which accumulated immeasurable wealth and dissatisfaction of people, provoking the revolution in 1910 A.D.

Will there be other examples?

In competition, material riches can be obtained except humility.

Millionaire salaries of athletes are exploitation of society.


  • How will the world be like in 2060? — the incredible technology of future.

[, Taryn Barbera, 1 feb. 2016].

  • What would happen if earth stopped spinning? [,

kataripca, 15 nov. 2016].

  • Humanity has 200 years to leave Earth, (in a ship 3 km in diameter by 25 km

long). [, tecnodocumentales, 8 abr. 2016]

  • «Why the discovery of Earth-like planets?» [, Akshat Rathi May 12,



    • If you see your enemy commit an error, do not interrupt.» [Napoleon].
  • Juan Calvino said in his work ‘Traité des reliques’ that if we put together all these pieces of the cross they could form the cargo of a ship. Empress Elena «discovered» the cross of Christ in the year 327 A.D. (IT WAS MANIPULATION).

[, Nicoletta De Matthaeis 10 dic. 2016].



  • In the city of York in England, there is a plaque commemorating 13 officers and 360 soldiers killed in revolts in India. And Hindus killed by British do not matter. Hindus were at home, not in England. This is, murderous imperialists over subjugated peoples. (IT WAS INVASION AND PLUNDER).
  • Religions to gain adherents press in the way that historical moment allows. e.g. Muslim religion pressured conquered territories; unconverted paid more tributes

than those converted to Islam. [Enciclopedia Hispánica, book 8 page 256] . (IT WAS


  • As well as inquisition of Catholic religion with its atrocities. (IT WAS

SLAUGHTER). [, 29-06-2010,]



Negative events that are used as examples in this writing, because its everydayness, seem irrelevant and it is precisely its everydayness that make them relevant, they happen at all social levels. Making chronic negativity of human being, making us mentally ill.

When everyone claims to be right and their argument is different, peace will

no longer exist.

What is mental illness that goes beyond consciousness?

In a world full of hypocrites, sincere are bad guys, that’s rare! Winkal

    • It seems that we want to evolve only to evolve; science wants to create a new evolution in cells, to cure diseases. When do not take care natural evolution.
    • Science wants to revive extinct animals through DNA; when are extinguishing existing ones.
  • In some countries, law approves murdering defenseless children in the womb, because women have the «right» to do whatever they want with their bodies; Coupled with laws that «defend» animals and scandalized when an old man of his own will wants to end his life due to suffering a terminal illness.



  • The greedy, by paradigm of interest does not accept that he is greedy, and gossip about greediness, excluding himself from this phenomenon. Turning him into a mental ill.
  • Greediness causes conflicts of interest, which can lead to wars.
  • Greediness is not exclusive to those who have accumulated wealth.
  • The greedy one always goes one step ahead of the person of goodwill.
  • Terrorism is the peak of reactions of weak to strong, at lower levels it is called sabotage.
  • French resistance. Was resistance or was terrorism from point of view of Germans? As have been other groups such as gorillas of Central America, Taliban in Afghanistan, Tupamaros of Uruguay and rebels in Syria, etc.
  • «PANAMA PAPERS» or tax havens; corruption, «as long as they do not see me everything is allowed»; if it is not explicitly prohibited, «it is allowed» This implies

that we have to make laws to guarantee the least activity, losing all common sense.

[ By Frederik Obermaier, et al].

  • «Hello, I steal information from government and I give it to public and now I am a criminal!». [Julian Assange].
  • «Hi, I stole information from civilians and I give it to government and I am the man of the year!». [Mark Zuckerberg].
  • On television someone said: «in life you have to do anything to survive, it does not matter if it is good or bad». Under that connotation, drug trafficking, kidnapping, robbery, embezzlement, blackmail, bribery, white slavery, etc., would not be negative attitudes.
  • Intolerant towards what we receive; indifferent and indolent toward what we should do.
  • Current rulers, in some cases, do not have enough morals to point out and punish bad behavior of society, so we are in a vicious circle.


[, WTB febrero



1. INDOLENCE: photograph of nightmare, GIRL AND VULTURE.

[ JOHN CARLIN 18 MAR 2007, fotógrafo Kevin Carter].

  1. LONELINESS: They find on his bed skeleton of a man who died seven years ago.

[ JOHN CARLIN 18 MAR 2007, fotógrafo Kevin Carter].

  1. STUPIDITY: DT suggests arming teachers in the United States to avoid attacks,

such as shooting in a Florida school. [RedacciónBBC Mundo 22 febrero 2018].

  1. MENTAL ILLNESS: laser weapons jump from screen to real war.

[, Boris Leonardo Caro diciembre 28, 2015].

  1. GREEDING: Rich richer and poor competing with robots. [Yahoo Finanzas lun., 8

may. 12:59 PM GMT-6].

6. CORRUPTION: Seven out of ten entrepreneurs paid a bribe.


  1. CONTAMINATION: Scientific mystery Why more babies are being born with

organs outside body. [ El Viralero enero 25, 2016].

  1. INCORRECT EDUCATION: Rebellious children who do not obey rules end up

being successful adults. “successful”?

11, 2016].

  1. STUPIDITY: Get ready to lose weight with poop pill. [Yahoo Vida y Estilo International

enero 14, 2016].

10. STUPID LAWS: France will penalize clients of prostitutes.

[, abril 06, 2016].

  1. PREPOTENCE: JR, unbearable actors. [, Valeria Martínez junio 28, 2016].
  2. PROSTITUTION: First brothel of silicone dolls opens in Barcelona. [WTB Yahoo

Noticias marzo 03, 2017].


  • Industry and commerce in their promotional systems are aimed at seducing human beings by praising vanity through exalting physical beauty.



  • Encourage laziness with use of disposable items and maintaining a constant «offers» deception.
  • All kinds of cartoons and harmful films that are shown on television and in cinemas.
  • Failure to comply with work standards and do poor work.
  • Excessive work hours without proper payment.
  • shoplifters.
  • Bribe fixes any lack of documents or signatures on apocryphal documents.
  • Extortion and bribe by police and government agencies.
  • Do «charity» works on the day and «steal» at night; and in public thank God for goods received.
  • A good way to control (lower) minimum wages is to devalue currency.
  • Aggressiveness is learned; it is not aggressive by nature: e. g. We are taught “do not get along with any».
  • Most common way for someone to accumulate wealth is to deprive others of their share. This does not mean that in “distribution of wealth” rich should give to “poor» but not take away from others the opportunities for a decent livelihood.


  • For a society to be fair and sustainable it must focus primarily on mental healing, changing our paradigms towards honesty and eliminating greed and corruption. Political corruption and social corruption are concomitant.
  • Formative education, in childhood is transcendental, re-educating and making parents aware that this task is only their responsibility and not their teachers. As well as reeducating mothers as integrators of home. And both about their responsibilities.
  • every six years, social status of individual changes, from infant to child, adolescent. etc.
  • For a culture to be generated, it is necessary to continuously repeat patterns of behavior that generate it. They can be positive or negative.




  1. Hundreds of reports from mass media, articles in magazines and books that in some cases, between lines suggest a keyword that was repeated in other articles. Reinforcing its validity and finding that its guideline goes against coexistence of human being. e.g. greed, corruption, pollution, prostitution, drug addiction, homophobia, mentally ill stereotypes, stupidity, war, injustice, stupid laws. etc.
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