About the Journal

The journal was created to achieve the goals of the organization Global Science Center LP.
Primary goal is a reflection of fundamental and practically important scientific and teaching developments of professors, teachers, research officers, doctoral students, probationers and PhD students.
International scientific journal (American Scientific Journal) is included in the leading world scientometrical base and being spread among managing libraries and universities; it follows editorial policy
The International Centre of periodic publications (ISSN International Centre, Paris, France) included the edition in the international registry of periodic media with a code number of international identity: ISSN
The journal «American Scientific Journal» is a peer-reviewed scientific publication. All the articles are reviewed by scientists who have a high international standing in the given field.
The mission of the journal «American Scientific Journal» is providing a high authors’ articles citedness. The scientific journal «American Scientific Journal» has a status of Open Access Journals, and all published articles are placed in a free access.
A journal staff follows the policy of the free access to reviewed electronic scientific paper, improving a scientific information traffic and also raising quotation of works and properly scientific work performance of the authors who are published in this journal.
The journal is indexed and included in:
Annually the journal records are published in international referral system in periodic and continuing editions «Ulrich’s Periodicals directory» in the view of informing the world scientific community.
Database DOAJ – is Directory of Open Access Journals www.doaj.org (the University, Lund, Sweden), providing a free access to full-text materials of the scientific and academic journals in different languages, supporting a quality audit system of the published articles.
International bibliographic and abstract database EBSCO.
Catalogue of periodicals Research Bib Journal Database (Japan), which is the leading catalogue of scientific periodicals with a free access.
Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI).
Google Scholar.
Index Copernicus.
Soon distribution will be on springer.

The journal «American Scientific Journal» is a monthly electronic edition. It publishes articles that have scientific novelty, representing the results of completed research of the problem, or scientific and practical nature. The content of articles meets the following fields of science:

Physical science
• Chemical Technology;
• Chemistry;
• Computer Science;
• Earth Sciences and the planet;
• Power;
• Production;
• Materials;
• Math;
• Physics and Astronomy.

Medical sciences
• Medicine and Dentistry;
• Nursing and medical profession;
• Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science;
• Veterinary medicine and veterinary.

Life sciences
• Agricultural and biological sciences;
• Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology;
• Environmental Science;
• Immunology and Microbiology;
• Neuroscience.

Socio Humanities
• Art criticism and Humanities;
• Business, management and accounting;
• Decision theory;
• Economics, econometrics and finance;
• Psychology;
• Social Sciences.
All materials before publication reviews and criticizes our editorial board, as well as independent experts.